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In March 2009, the Yuedong Culture Media Company was cofounded by the Shanghai Institute of Technology Park and core members of China"s renowned ropeskipping team. The company was formed with ropeskipping as its main product; performances, training, and promotional events were its primary focus.
       Yuedong has China"s most experienced group of coaches as well as a professional performance group. We have won the Asian Rope Skipping Championship, set a Guinness World record, promoted ropeskipping throughout China, performed on China"s Got Talent, and participated at the World Exposition.
       During this time, Yuedong was also the first company to produce a Chinese jumprope. In the future, Yuedong seeks to branch out into other sports and assist organizations with products, event management, facility management, promotions, and coaching. We have already begun this trend with online sales of swim products.